Hi Friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by my little, bitty corner of the web. I love having company! :) Feel free to get comfy and stay a while.

Since we're getting comfy, allow me to share a bit about myself in case we haven't formally met...

My name is Monique Zackery. I'm a wife to the man of my dreams pictured on the left. He is a pastor (the hottest one on Earth I might add). We're super laid back. We simply love God & His Word and we love people.

I'm in school, studying leadership in ministry and counseling. For over  three years we were in full time student ministry in Franklin, Tennessee but we recently moved to Richmond, California for an inner city church plant/revitalization. It has been blessed and challenging all wrapped in one. We're being stretched and learning so much about what the Gospel (Good news of Jesus Christ- His death burial & resurrection for the salvation of humanity) means in the every day context of life on this earth. 

As for this blog, I chose to call it Finding Me in You when I started a quest to learn who the Creator designed and called me to be. I began to realizing that my soul's home can only be found in the heart of God. In His presence I wrestle and squirm and struggle and cry and then rest in His sovereignty. I'm trying to figure out this life just like the next person. I'm grateful for the hand of God that gently guides me through it & I pray that I can point people to HIM in the process.

For now I've been taking a bit of a break from blogging and certain social media outlets, so you won't see me here often. It's been really sweet and surprisingly freeing. But I do think of this place and each of its visitors a lot and pray about when/what I am to write next. 

I hope that you are blessed and inspired each time you visit this place. Feel free to leave comments, share your heart or contact me via email with thoughts, challenges or prayer request at monique.zackery@yahoo.com.

Until we meet here again,

Monique Zackery
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