Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comfort... {Change Part II}

My mama called the other day. She was having a garage sale and asked if she could sell a few of my old stuffed animals. Immediately I thought of my favorite one.

“Mom, you still have Paddington, right?”

She assured me she did have him after telling me a child was eyeing him and my dad was on the verge of negotiation. But mama saved the day!

“This one’s not for sale.” She said. Boy was I relieved to hear that! 

I remember the day I got him, my very special Teddy Bear. I was in preschool. It was my birthday and he was perfect. He didn’t get a name until years later when I read the story of Paddington Bear. I slept with him close to every night all the way up through my teen years. I started traveling when I was 17 and Paddington almost always tagged along. Now he stays at my mom’s house, waiting patiently for me to come home on the holidays. 

After receiving that call, I started pondering why I loved Paddington so much. It became clearer when the memories began to flood my mind. He was always there, right where I left him, no matter what. He was a student in my childhood make-believe classroom. I, of course, was his teacher. He was in the audience when I pretended I was on a glittery stage, singing into my hairbrush. (Don't laugh, you know you played make-believe too.) And he was usually by my side when I awoke from a nightmare.

Interestingly, even in my earliest years I knew he was just a toy. He didn’t have a real heart to love me back. But I’ve concluded that he must have been a symbol of comfort for me. He was the bear that stayed the same while new and different stages of life sped past me. But the truth is, he wasn’t real. And for the past 4 or more years, he’s been over 2,000 miles away, tucked cozily in mama’s sweet casita. And, honestly, I haven't missed him much. I out grew him, which simply means I'm a sane adult that doesn't make cherished friendships with inanimate objects. 

You might agree with that last sentence, but isn't it true that we often still cherish inanimate objects in our adulthood? We commonly love things that cannot love us in return. The sad part is, those are usually the very things that blind us from finding true joy in what really matters. When things become our source of comfort, joy or satisfaction they quickly take the place of the True Source of comfort, joy and satisfaction--God. Before we know it we have little objects of idolatry perched on our shelves, plugged into our outlets, sitting in our garage and decorating our homes. 

"Why do you spend money for what is not bread? And your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself in abundance."- Isaiah 55:2

I'm so thankful that God has taught me (and is still teaching me) this truth. I have found a different source of comfort; one that can actually love me in return. His name is Jesus. Now He is the One that is present when I awake from a nightmare. When I reach for Him I find that His gentle hand is there, reaching for me first. He is always by my side, even when I feel like He's far away. He covers me with His wings when I need to be consoled. Right now, as I look ahead into the hazy unknown of tomorrow, I find peace in the hope that He is already there paving the way for me because He is not bound by time and space.

He is my constant when my whole world is changing. No earthly treasure could ever compare to the love I have found in Him. Everything else will fade away but He will remain the same in power, glory, friendship and grace. 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Who or what has been your source of comfort or satisfaction these days? Do you have any "Paddington Bears" taking up Jesus' rightful place? 

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