Wednesday, July 13, 2011

31 Days of Victory:{Day 13}Helmet of Salvation

Let us be sober, putting on… the hope of salvation as a helmet.
1 Thessalonians 5:8

It is a historical fact that Jesus was a real person who actually walked the face of the earth. I find it interesting that many non-believers, who accept that truth, claim that Jesus was simply a good man and a great teacher—not the Son of God. But if we really examine what He said, it’s not possible for Him to simply be a great teacher. He taught that He was the Son of God, sent to save the world and not to condemn the world. He said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father accept through Him. So, either His teachings are true, or He was simply a crazy man. It seems that “good teacher, without deity,” isn’t a realistic category for Jesus.

Of course, it’s obvious where I land on this topic. I believe in Him!  But what about the millions of people who claim Christianity and simply aren’t sure about the validity of the things He taught, especially as it pertains to the issue of salvation?

According to a survey conducted by Campus Crusade for Christ, it is estimated that over 50% of the hundred million people in church, here in the United States every Sunday, are not sure of their salvation. Additionally, the Barna Research Group discovered that 44% of Americans are “notional Christians.” [Notional: not evident in reality, hypothetical.] This 44% consists of people who describe themselves as Christians but do not believe that their hope for eternal life is based on a personal relationship with Jesus and the belief that He died and rose again from the dead.  [Source:] No wonder so many professed Christians are walking around in defeat. How can we be victorious in faith if we’re not sure of our salvation?

Knowing where we stand with God is not just significant for life after death. It is vital for victory in our everyday battle. As it pertains to the armor, the helmet represents the hope of our salvation [1 Thessalonians 5:8]. Our helmet will guard us from the enemy’s attacks on our mind and the attacks against our position in Christ as God’s children. But if we are unsure of that hope [meaning we cannot put on the helmet], then our minds are completely vulnerable to the fiery darts, lies, and strongholds of the enemy.

I praise God for those of you who know that you have an inheritance in heaven. But for those of you who are still wondering whether or not you are truly a child of God, may I speak to your heart for a moment? {If yes, read on…}

You don’t have to live your life uncertain of where you stand with God. You don’t have to blindly hope for the best and expect the worst. You don’t have to give up because there’s no way of knowing for sure. You can know for sure. Whether you’ve been in church for years, or if you’re in church leadership, or if you’ve just stumbled across the question of salvation, walking in the certainty of an inheritance in heaven is possible.

If you would like to learn more about how to be saved or how to know for sure, please email me by clicking here [ladies]. Or you may email my husband, Pastor Curtis, by clicking here [men].

Let us continue to fit ourselves with the armor by putting on the helmet of salvation, to guard our minds from the schemes of the enemy.

Victory is possible,

Monique Zackery

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  1. Wow, Monique. Those statistics are staggering! We can't take for granted the people sitting next to us in church truly know Jesus! Thanks for this sobering post.


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