Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Glimpse of Heaven

I believe we got a glimpse heaven this morning in church. We danced before the Lord and praised His name in multiple languages. The Spirit was thick in the room, causing our eyes to well up with tears.

“If I live, I live for you. If I die, I die for you.”

Those were the lyrics of a song we sang. It was a reminder of why we are here. We are here to live for Christ, to glorify His name, and to make Him known among all nations. We live for Him, and if we die in the process, we die for Him. Those words were so convicting as they flowed from my mouth, and I believe them.  

Our Pastors in Franklin, Tennessee often say that church begins after you leave the building on Sunday morning {a reminder to live what you learn}. This is true each week, but it felt especially true today. After a full service of worship and the Word, we headed out on foot toward our mission field, The Sweetwater House, and we took pictures along the way. 
(Left to Right) Me, Margaret, Little Debbie, and Melanie
This precious one stole our hearts with her beaming smile as she peered through the front door of her home to peek at the foreigners.
The Community Wash Room: This roofless shack (above) is where the locals bathe, use the restroom and wash their laundry by hand. {Why do I ever complain about having to throw in a load of laundry when I'm tired?} 
This home, behind the Sweetwater House,  belongs to Ma'mae and her family. She is a sweet little girl, full of life. Curtis {my husband} met her about four years ago when he visited. I saw her last January when I visited. We have been able to watch her grow through the years. This time she wasn't home. Hopefully we'll see her tomorrow.
After making our way through the neighborhood, we found ourselves at the entrance of the Sweetwater House. True to its name, the home is reminiscent of a fresh water spring in the middle of the dessert--a source of life and provision for those in need. And then...
I met the girls! 

They've already made their way into my heart. All I can say is WOW. Thank you to everyone who provided a way for us to be here and love these precious ones. 

The Sweetwater girls have been rescued from the streets and difficult circumstances. Some were purchased out of slavery in order to be here. At the home they are given three healthy meals each day, clothes, education, and Bible studies. They are taught a trade of their choice, either sewing or hair dressing, so that when they graduate, they may provide for themselves and give back to the community. 

And here they are. Another glimpse of Heaven... 

Our time at the home today was brief. The real work starts tomorrow as we begin our Young Women's Vacation Bible School. Please pray for us as we teach on identity, purpose, forgiveness, freedom and redemption throughout the week. However, I believe they will be teaching us just as much. Our hearts are ready. :)

This marks Day 2. Tomorrow is full of promise. Until then, I pray that you are blessed wherever you are in the world. May you be mindful of those in need, always remembering that they are not forgotten by God... and neither are you, my friend, neither are you {promise}! 

See you here tomorrow.

Blessings beyond measure,

Monique Zackery
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