Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greetings From Africa

Dear Workmanship of God,

It feels like a year has passed since I last blogged. I can’t believe it’s only been a couple of weeks. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, but it’s an exciting whirlwind! The hubby and I have been submitting to the wind of the Holy Spirit, allowing our hair to get tussled in the movement of it all. It’s been an incredible journey so far—a journey that feels a bit like a roller coaster actually. You know the kind... it seems to call your name. You hurry up to the line. Then you wait and wait for hours. Finally, after all the anticipation, you find yourself next up to hop on. You knew this moment would come but you didn’t expect the cocktail of feelings all mixed in together… butterflies, excitement, anticipation and maybe even a little anxiety. 

All of these only escalate as you strap yourself in and sit. The ride slowly makes it’s way up the first drop. Click. Click. Click. Click. You brace yourself. You hold on tight. There’s no sense in resisting it. You make your way over the top of that first drop and before the momentum builds to a free fall you throw your arms up in the air, surrendering to the thrill of it all… That’s where I am right now. Arms lifted high, surrendering to the adventure of saying yes to God.

When the Lord calls, we must act. Part of that whirlwind of prompting has led me back to the mission field. Nine other passengers and I have strapped ourselves in on a ride that brought us all the way to Ghana, West Africa. This marks day one. Tomorrow is full of uncertainty, but it is also full of promise. I can’t wait to post the reports of all that God is doing in our midst. Will you join us for the ride?

Meet the team (left to right): me, Dante, Margaret, Melanie, Stefani, Karen, Shayna, Pastor Chris, Alisa & Doris
Stop in throughout the week for testimonies and thrills.


Monique Zackery

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